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Vermeer Iowa & N. Missouri in Marcus, Iowa is your one-stop shop for all things forage.

From the industry’s first wagon hoist to the pioneering round baler, Vermeer inventions have helped farmers get their work done quickly and efficiently.

Vermeer farm equipment is built to our traditional high standards, so it delivers the reliable service you expect from one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. And each machine is backed by comprehensive service and support from Vermeer Iowa & N. Missouri in Marcus, IA.

Please note that our Marcus, IA location is our only forage dealership.

Managing a hay shortage and the effects of drought on agriculture

When drought conditions continue year after year, the hay shortage creates more challenges for hay and cattle producers.

Drought can be devastating for hay producers. Tim Schnakenberg, the University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist, shared ideas to help them get through drought periods. “Land is expensive. Time is expensive. Inputs are expensive. Try to make the most out of every acre,” Schnakenberg says. “To do this, try to get more hay harvested on fewer acres.” According to the Beef Cattle Research Council, a productive pasture needs plant diversity. If a pasture lacks diversity, production will be limited. A solid pasture management plan can also help producers maximize forage. 

Prepare for the worst to minimize the effects of drought on hay operations

Schnakenberg also recommends that hay producers always have a game plan to handle worst-case scenarios. That game plan is as unique as the producer’s operation.

  • Prepare for an early harvest.
  • Extend the grazing season
  • Weed control

Rely on equipment to help maximize harvest during drought years

Using a tedder can help speed up the hay-making process and can optimize hay quality. “If you’re actively looking to take control of your hay by minimizing harvest loss and maximizing crop quality — consider the Vermeer 10-series tedders. The 10-series tedders create a bottoms-up motion to rotate the dry crop to the bottom and the wet crop to the top, which helps producers evenly dry the crop,” said Vermeer Product Manager Shawn Wang.

Hay shortage resources for producers

Hay and cattle producers should make the most out of the available resources to help mitigate the effects of drought on agriculture. The USDA offers A Producer’s Guide to Drought.

Plus, we are a valuable resource to help you navigate the difficulties of drought. We can answer your questions and help identify hay tools to help you run your operation efficiently.


Wet or dry hay. Part-time, full-time or custom operations. Vermeer has the round baler you need to put up dense, high-quality bales you can be proud of.

bale wrappers

Bale wrappers offer fast and airtight round bale wrapping for optimal protection, even against unfriendly weather — Vermeer bale wrappers are ready to help protect your crop.

bale processors

Vermeer bale processors (or hay bale unrollers) offer the versatility to perform a number of jobs and process everything from hay bales to cornstalk bales, or round bales to square bales.

disc mowers

50-series disc mowers from Vermeer help reduce the hassle associated with hooking up, running and maintaining traditional 3-point disc mowers.

mower conditioners

Vermeer mower conditioners combine productivity, flexibility and convenience into one high-performance package giving operators complete control in tough hay cutting conditions.


It’s a simple fact — the better you rake, the better you bale. Vermeer twin basket rakes, wheel rakes and rotary rakes are designed to form baler-ready windrows.


Why use a hay tedder? Quality hay — that’s why. Tedding shortens the dry-down time between cutting and baling which can reduce nutritional losses in your hay.

trailed mowers

From hookup to switching out blades, Vermeer trailed mowers help take the stress out of operating, transporting and maintaining a large trailed mower.


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