YANMAR is the leader in compact excavators, introducing the first compact excavator in 1971. Durable, reliable, and versatile, YANMAR excavators are quality equipment that will stand the test of time. Leading the market in innovation, these ex  cavators also save you money. More fuel-efficient engines and design matched hydraulics provide greater cost-efficiency and more environmentally friendly operation.

YANMAR offers ten excavator models from two series. Choose from the VIO series or the SV series. First launched in 1993, the VIO was the first zero tail swing excavator. The VIO maintains stability and work performance of conventional style units, while turning within the machine width. 7 models are available, ranging from 3,704 lbs. through 18,268 lbs. The SV series offers ultra-tight turning. Add versatility to a tight work site with a minimal front and rear turning radius. Choose from 2 SV models, either 2,348 lbs. or 21,660 lbs.

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