Digitrak HDD Guidance ToolsLocation and guidance tools are critical to the horizontal directional drilling industry. Digitrak is a top manufacturer of HDD guidance tools, priding itself on quality products and cutting-edge technology. An exciting feature of the Digitrak systems is DataLog, a digital mapping system that allows you to electronically collect and store drill data from your latest  project. DataLog can record depth, pitch, surface topography, fluid pressure and more. Multi-channel radio transmitters in some locators allow multiple locators to work in the same vicinity, making large projects happen more efficiently. Regardless of your project size or nature, Digitrak has the perfect guidance tools for your drilling job.

Directional Drilling Locating Systems – Digital Control Incorporated or DCI

Digital Control Incorporated is one of the leading manufacturers of horizontal directional drilling locating and tracking systems in the market today. With a company mindset that drives and thrives on innovation, DCI brings unique, cutting edge technology to the HDD industry. In 1991, the company revolutionized the market by introducing the DigiTrak Locating system. Featuring a new system that provided greater accuracy for measuring depth and location of the drill head, the Digitrak Locating system also offered two vital orientation parameters: pitch and roll. These new capabilities meant operators could drill faster and pull back easier, creating a more accurate, productive, and profitable drilling operation.

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