Centered on framework of Vermeer Commander 3 track trenchers but paired with the patented Terrain Leveler surface excavation attachment the T1655 Terrain Leveler is founded on a proven market leading platform.
Dual CAT engines, deliver 1200 horsepower to the machine. The cab, equipped with the TEC Plus operating system, allows the T1655 to communicate with the various control modules located throughout the machine. While the machine is performing, the air-ride suspension system on the cab provides a smooth, quiet ride for the operator in the typically harsh environment of a mining operation. It also features a filtered air system, dual self-contained cooling and heating systems, sound attenuating foam as well as dual air-ride suspension seats for optimum operator and trainer comfort.


T1655 Commander® 3 Terrain Leveler SEM

T1655 Commander® 3 Terrain Leveler SEM

Terrain Leveler Surface Excavation Machine

Vermeer Surface Mining

Vermeer Rock Lab | Vermeer Surface Mining

Features and Benefits

  • The patented tilt attachment tilts 5 degrees in either direction allowing for cutting to grade and a smooth pit floor.
  • Drive motors attached directly to the cutter drum improves efficiencies and reduces wear costs associated with chain, sprocket and belt transmissions.
  • Top down cutting, as developed by Vermeer, allows the cutter teeth to gain penetration without using the machine’s tractive effort to drive the teeth into the material.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
Transport Dimensions
Approach Angle 15 deg
Height Range 201" (510.5 cm) not including handrails
Weight Range 410,000 lb (185,972.9 kg)
Width Ranges 20.4' (6.2 m) - with Terrain Leveler attachment
Engine Option One
Make and Model 2 - Caterpillar C-18 engines ACERT Tier 3
Gross Horsepower 1200 hp 894.8 kw
Rated Engine RPM 1800
Fuel Tank Capacity 800 gal 3028.3 L
Operating Range 13.2 hours
Fuel Consumption at Full Load 60.5 gph 229 lph
Maximum Engine Operating Angle (Operating angles do not indicate safe machine operating angles) 35 deg
Air Cleaner Dry-type with precleaner
Aspiration Turbo charged and aftercooled
Cooling Medium Liquid
Electrical System 24 volt
Oil Filter Full Flow
Auto Self Level No
Ground Pressure Minimum 25.8 psi 177.9 kPa
Ground Pressure Maximum 25.8 psi 177.9 kPa
Tilt Track Available No
Track Drive Type Dual path hydrostatic planetary transmission
Track Length 215.6 in 547.6 cm
Track Pad Type Double grouser with dirt relief
Track Pad Width Ranges 36"
Track Size Berco Hitachi EX1100
Maximum Ground Speed - Low 45.7 ft/min 13.9 m/min
Maximum Ground Speed - High 103.9 ft/min 31.7 m/min
Parking and Emergency Brake Wet disc, spring-applied hydraulic release
Service Brakes Hydrostatic
Trencher No
Terrain Leveler Yes
Rockwheel No
Bucket Wheel No
Cab Yes
Control System TEC Plus with SmartTEC
Air Conditioner/Heater Yes, two units
Air Suspension Seat Yes, two units
AM/FM Stereo with Weather Band Yes
Elevating Yes
Pressurized/Filtered Air Yes
Rollover Protective Structure (ROPM) Yes
Hydraulic System
Oil Tank Capacity 440 gal 1665.6 L
Oil Type HyPower 68, HyPower 100, Hy Power 1100
Pressure Setting 2500 psi 172.4 bar
Pump Flow at Maximum RPM 66.4 gpm 251.4 L/min
Pump Type Pressure- and flow-compensated